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23 February 2011

Alaska State Taekwondo Tournament


All athlete and coach registration will be handled on-line by Hang-A-Star at Paper registration will NOT be available for athletes or coaches under any circumstance.


The early registration deadline is March 19. For an additional fee you may still apply after March 19. The late registration deadline is March 23 and there will be no registrations taken after this date for any reason. Please register early at to avoid any late fees.


The Alaska State Tournament Packet Can Be Found Here:  State Tournament Packet

A few changes to this year's championships include:


(1) More qualifying spots for Junior Olympics and Senior Nationals


(2) Weapons and Demo Team divisions will be added with Kyorugi (Sparring), Poomsae (Forms for the Individual, Pair or Team), and Kyukpa (Breaking) for a total of  7 events.


(3) Weigh-Ins for all athletes the night before will be at the Anchorage Baptist Temple from 6-8pm.


(4) LaJust PSS will be implemented for the first time in Alaska. The state will provide LaJust chest guards in the 14 and up black belt divisions. Athletes must provide their own foot socks and are available for purchase at Athletes who own personal LaJust chest guards may bring them to use at the state tournament.





21 January 2011

Qualification Information for the National Championships and Junior Olympics

Sparring -       All State Championships divisions and weight categories must be the same age, belt and weight as the USAT National Qualifiers, Junior Olympics, and U.S. National Championships.

Athletes must compete in the age category according to the age he/she will be as of December 31, 2011.


Color Belts: 6+ year olds - All participants will qualify for the 2011 Junior Olympics and/or National Championships if they participate in a sanctioned 2011 State Championship.


Black Belts: 6-9 and 33+ year olds -- All participants will qualify for the 2011 Junior Olympics and/or National Championships if they compete in a sanctioned 2011 State Championship.


10-32 year olds - The top four finalists will qualify for World Class sparring divisions.


Poomsae -       All individuals participating in a state championship will advance to the Junior Olympics and U.S. National Championships in San Jose, CA.


2011 U.S. National Poomsae Team Trials -- The top 3 finalists in all State Championships will qualify for the 2011 U.S. National Poomsae team trials. Date and Location of the Team Trials TBD. 

The following divisions are non-qualifying division for World Class divisions at the U.S. National Championships and Junior Olympics, but may compete at State Championships: Board Breaking, Creative Forms, Weapons, Demonstration Teams. 

These divisions and White Belts may be held at the State Championships. All participants are still required to be athlete members of USAT. White Belts divisions are not available at any USAT National Qualifier, Junior Olympics or U.S. National Championship.


Policies and Procedures: If an athlete qualifies in a State Championship, and then participates and qualifies in a National Qualifier, in the same belt and weight category, the athlete will automatically receive the National Qualifier seed. The 2nd place (silver medalist) from the State Championship will then qualify for the national event. If an athlete in the 14-17 BB or 18-32 BB divisions qualifies at a National Qualifier, they are then excluded from qualifying in that same division at a subsequent State Championships.

A person may NOT qualify in the same world class division in multiple states; this action will jeopardize the person's qualification. If a competitor wants to compete in both the Junior Olympics 14-17 Black Belt Division and the Senior Black Belt Division, he/she must compete and qualify in each division. At State Championships the format for Poomsae will be decided by the Organizing Committee, i.e. WTF format, Double Elimination, Single Elimination, and Judged Poomsae. 


o Once qualified for World Class a person is not eligible for Grass Root.

o The winner of these Grass Root divisions at Junior Olympics/National Championships will automatically qualify for the corresponding World Class Division at Junior Olympics and/or National Championships. The winner will automatically receive the last seed in their qualifying Grass Root division.



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